Making your business energy efficient can come with some benefits, by reducing your carbon emmisions you may be eligable for a government grant, please read below for more details.

The Carbon Trust

The Carbon Trust has announced a new low carbon finance scheme which will enable UK businesses to invest in cost effective energy efficient equipment. All businesses will be able to apply for new green growth finance from the scheme. Find out more here

Enhanced Capital Allowances

There are also enhanced capital allowances available for the installation of certain energy efficient Reznor and AmbiRad warm air heating – in some cases you can claim 100% capital allowance within the first year on both the capital cost of the product and the direct installation cost. Please use the link below or contact us to obtain further information.

Reznor and AmbiRad products also offer considerable benefits, including reduced running costs (savings of up to 60% can be achieved), even heat coverage at low level, controllability and minimal heat losses

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The Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme (ECA) is a key part of the Government‘s programme to manage climate change. It offers companies an extra tax incentive for investing in equipment that meets published energy-saving criteria. New, more efficient equipment can lower energy bills and associated CO2 emissions.

Check the Government‘s website for information about the scheme. You will find some background information about the scheme and its benefits and what type of equipment qualifies for the allowance, which products are eligible and how to make a valid ECA claim.

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